Chemical Packing Solutions

Compliant Custom Solutions to Fit Your Specific Needs

Chemical Packing Solutions

Did you know that Chemicals can pose health hazards, physical hazards, environmental hazards and sometimes react with water? That’s why packing Chemicals correctly is so important. DGM specializes in dangerous goods, including chemicals, and employs trained professionals that are experts in managing your product from receipt to delivery. We stock a wide range of packaging options to meet every possible need and regulation. We work closely with our customer to ensure that their stocks are managed efficiently when storing at our state-of-the-art facility. Avoid risking substantial fines for regulatory and compliance infractions by using DGM for your chemical packing and storage solutions.


  • Material (Product) Receipts
  • Packing Lists
  • On Hand Reports
  • Itemized Tagging
  • Product Security
  • Product Packing safety programs – using all necessary PPE
  • Bulk Chemical Re-pour into non-bulk packaging
  • Customized Sample Packing
  • Issuance of Dangerous Goods Declaration
  • Transport Regulation Compliance
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Personalized Customer Care
  • 24 Hour Emergency Contact
  • Avoid risking substantial fines for regulatory and compliance infractions by using DGM for your chemical storage solutions. DGM employs trained hazmat specialists to pack your samples and ship them to their destinations quickly, safely and within federal regulations. In addition to saving you from hefty fines, DGM can also help you save time. Storing your chemicals onsite at DGM can also reduce time in processing and transit therefore reducing the risk of your competitors getting samples in first.

You can have ease of mind knowing DGM carries the most comprehensive liability insurance policies in the industry and that your freight is safe.

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