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In-House Solutions

DGM offers In-House Packing Services to our customers which allows us to take on the daily hassles of warehousing, carpenter work and freight processing. This service gives us the ability to come into a warehouse facility, operate it and tailor the cost structure such that both parties improve their respective profitability. Through a structured agreement, we allow you to focus on the strength of your business. In essence, DGM becomes your facility business partner yet remaining an independent party, and in so doing provides an extra layer of security. Once in the warehouse, we can handle the fluctuations in workload by re-directing personnel into the facility from our current staff.

Advantages To DGM In-House Packing Solutions

  • Reduced overhead
  • Lumber Costs
  • Staple/Nail Costs
  • Labor Benefits Savings
  • Comprehensive Insurance Policy
  • Equipment Maintenance
    • Nail Guns
    • Staple Guns
    • Hoses and Hose Parts
    • Radial/Panel or Table Saw
  • Create Efficiency and Flow
  • Being able to Reduce Non-Billable Overtime

You can have ease of mind knowing DGM carries the most comprehensive liability insurance policies in the industry and that your freight is safe.

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