What are Dangerous Goods? DGM Services Houston answers common Dangerous Goods Questions

If you work in the transportation or supply chain industry, chances are you will eventually encounter Dangerous Goods or Hazardous Materials/Substances. When that occurs, you should reach out to a trained, professional Dangerous Goods Management company. Contacting DGM, ensures that the Hazardous Materials you need to ship,


Have you heard? DGM is proud to announce the growth and expansion to our facility in Houston. Recently, the DGM Buying Group acquired additional land adjacent to the current DGM USA Corporate headquarters. Along with the additional land, DGM has expanded the warehouse, lay down yard, and

Lithium Batteries: Why They Are Dangerous and How to Ship Them Safely

We rely on lithium batteries for a wide variety of consumer goods. They are in our phones, laptops, cameras, and even electronic children’s toys. This also means at some point we may need to ship lithium batteries or electronics containing them. Although widely used, most people are

Rejected Shipments Leaving You Frustrated?

The Trouble with Rejection Rejected shipments are shipments that did not meet Dangerous Goods Regulations in some way, such as incorrect shipping papers, damaged packages, wrong markings and labels, or other mistakes. International and national regulations are constantly changing, making it increasingly difficult for an organization to

4 Reasons to Choose DGM for Dangerous Goods Training

DGM is an IATA Accredited Training School that offers comprehensive training courses for shippers, freight forwarders and the transportation industries. DGM’s World Class Training Programs are designed to help your company meet both regulatory and industry standards, while providing your employees with firsthand knowledge of the best