Rejected shipments are shipments that did not meet Dangerous Goods Regulations in some way, such as incorrect shipping papers, damaged packages, wrong markings and labels, or other mistakes. International and national regulations are constantly changing, making it increasingly difficult for an organization to be sure they are compliant with all the legal shipping requirements.

Something as simple as an incorrect shipping label can stop your shipment in its tracks. This simple mistake can cost your business thousands of dollars in fees, expenses, and costly delays. Not only is there a high financial risk, but also risk of compromising customer’s trust.

Once your shipment is rejected, what is the next step? Call DGM!

Our DG Specialists can travel on-site and run your rejected shipment through a dangerous goods checklist to ensure your shipment complies with the regulations. DGM will properly prepare your rejected shipment and get it on its way! DGM’s portfolio of services cover operations for all classes of dangerous goods. Including explosives, radioactive material and infectious substances.

DGM has been safely preparing dangerous goods shipments for 30 years and has offices in over 40 countries around the world. DGM also carries the most comprehensive insurance policy in the industry which allows DGM to be shown as the shipper on behalf of the actual shipper on the shipper’s declaration. You can rest at ease that your shipment will be properly prepared without risk of rejection.

As your dangerous goods provider, DGM can help you secure more dangerous goods shipments, retain customers, and save money. Prepare your team to keep HAZMAT shipments in compliance with the new and changing regulations. Sign up for our dangerous goods training and receive instruction from our world-renowned, highly accredited trainers. Our trainers offer years of practical knowledge, and apply relevant, hands-on experience to each course.

DGM’s trainers coupled with our global network of DGM’s locations allows us to handle all your training needs; in the classroom or online. DGM also offers custom-tailored training courses prepared specific to your company’s needs and will come to your facility anywhere in the U.S. to perform the training.

Please visit our training calendar below or contact us for your specific requirements and we will be happy to provide a specific project pricing quote.