Miami Training Course Registration

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IATA (Air) Initial Training
Regularly $650.00 per person
Register Now for $500.00
IATA Training is required for any hazmat employee who offers, accepts, or transports Dangerous Goods by Air.
Students who successfully complete of IATA training will receive IATA Accredited Certification and Registration into the IATA database.

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Multi Modal (Sea & Road)
Regularly $650.00 per person
Register Now for $500.00
This is a comprehensive training course that’s complaint with the IMDG Code and 49CFR. It provides extensive knowledge on the regulations for transporting Dangerous Goods by Sea, and Road.


Register for both IATA & Multi Modal, and receive a $400 savings.iata-dgr_58imdg_2016_amd_38-16

Regularly $1,300.00
Register Now for $900.00

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