This course is a comprehensive Multi-Modal training course, which looks at compliance of the regulations for air (ICAO/IATA), SEA (IMDG) and ROAD (49 CFR).

Who Should Attend This Training Course:

This training course has specifically been designed with shippers and freight forwarders in mind. This course is ideal for candidates who are responsible for the preparation, packing, marking, labeling, placarding, documenting or handling of dangerous goods to meet the requirements of the US DOT 49 CFR (Road), ICAO (Air) and IMDG Code (Sea).

DGM Materials Include:

Registration includes a DGM Workbook and certification. The DGM Workbook will be required to be downloaded and printed for online training courses. Classroom based courses include a laminated segregation table for all modes of transport.

Topics Covered in Training:

  • Understanding and Navigating the three sets of regulations
  • Responsibilities and Training Requirements
  • Classification of all 9 Classes of dangerous goods and determining Proper Shipping Names.
  • Using the Regulations to determine Special provisions and Exceptions Packing, Marking, Labeling and Placarding for all the modes of transport.
  • Correct Documentation for all the modes of transport
  • Understanding Segregation for all the modes of transport.
  • Handling of cargo
  • Security and Emergency Response Information.

Initial 4 Days

    • Class Room Based Training

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