Course Overview

Shippers moving Lithium Battery are confronted with a minefield of regulations. Staying abreast of these changing rules requires specific training to ensure compliance. The DGM T.I. Training for the Shipping of Lithium Batteries is an interactive course specifically targeting the requirements to correctly Identify, Classify, Document, Pack, Mark and Label packages of Lithium Batteries by air, land and sea.

Topics Covered in Training

  • Meeting the requirements for DOT (Land), ICAO (Air) and IMO (Sea) compliance.
  • Defining and Understanding the difference between a Primary and Secondary Battery.
  • Correctly Classify and Identify Lithium Batteries.
  • Correct Packaging Materials and understanding Packing Instructions for Lithium Batteries.
  • Understanding requirements for Lithium batteries contained in equipment.
  • Correct Marking, Labeling and Placarding of Lithium Battery Shipments.
  • Understanding the correct completion of Shipping Papers.

Who Should Attend

Any Employees involved in the transportation of Lithium Batteries. This would include the classification, packing, marking, package labeling and completion of the shipping papers. Any persons involved in the function of Offering, Accepting and Transport of Lithium Batteries.

DG Materials Include

Registration includes a workbook and certification.

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